Sarah's Strategies
Sarah's Strategies

sparks fly when you're classy, sassy and a lot badassy!


Dive right into whatever is on your mind and take these precious 30 minutes and make an informed and precise decision to leverage your business to the next level.  

Sarah will be your mentor, therapist, and bestie in business as she helps guide you with a fresh and astute perspective.  

Strategize over whatever you want: 

choose a tagline/logo, create a Facebook post, provide feedback on a graphic, devise sales strategies, learn tips on how to "work" a Vendor fair, create how to hire the right staff, build your name it, she's there for you!!


These in depth, one-on-one virtual sessions can be as customized as you wish to help you build your team and create a consistent income.  

Wish you had more engaging upline? Ready to build teams? Want to turn more "friends" into "clients"? We'll discuss all this and more with my extensive background of 20+ yrs in MLM.  

Check in once a month to stay on track or once a week to really be consistent & productive.  These 45 minute insightful & inspirational pow-wows are exactly what you are looking for to boost your spirit & your bottom line!

**monthly packages available with a discount


This is the perfect on the spot response kind of concierge service you've been longing for!

Wish you knew what to say to a new "friend" on Facebook to convert them into a "client'? Do you spend hours on social media everyday yet your team isn't growing?  How do you know what to post and which picture? Do you even know your exact peak time each week??!!

Sound overwhelming? Well, it can be but I'm here to help guide you in what I've discovered to be highly successful in creating long term relationships which is the ultimate secret to long term success.

**Packages can be completely customized!